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The HSC-X6-CM is specially designed for applications in electrical power industry and GIS switchgear manufacturing. It is an oil-less, compact and medium sized full service SF6 gas recycling cart. Oil-less means there’s not one drop of oil in the whole compressor. This technology is thus predestined for processes that need the utmost security. We strictly comply to IEC60480-2007.8.7 that minimize impurities of mineral oil in SF6 gas that considerably reduce your operating and filtering costs. In short: security and cost-effectiveness form the pillars of this technology’s success.The whole cart is constructed on four robust polyurethane tires can easily travel over crushed surfaces. All the main parts such as oil-less compressor, vacuum pump, digital vacuum gauge, solenoid valve, cooling device, filter/dryer, control relay and safety alarm etc are imported from world-renowned manufacturers. Air-tight copper piping and mechanical compress techniques ensure a reliable sealing. National Pressure vessel Supervision Centre approved cylinder to store liquid SF6.




• Easy handling, versatile, stand-alone (self contained cylinder for liquified SF6 storage)

• Reclaim, evacuation, refill, drying, filtering,

• Innovated medium pressure condensing, reclaim SF6 gas safely and quickly

• Unique condensing vaporizer, efficiently liquify gas

• 10.4 inch color LCD installed with on-screen program control panel as an indication of operating status

• Positive reclaim: Swiss oil-less SF6 gas compressor

• Negative reclaim: Japanese oil-less vacuum compressor

• Vacuum pump: German two stage rotary vane vacuum pump

• Purification: American dryer/filter and “Gold” filter cartrige

• Control Panel: Japanese PLC programmable controller

• Cooling system: French refrigeration compressor

• Open/close valve: German pressure-resistant solenoid

• Vacuum inspection: German vacuum measuring instrument

• Storage tank: National boiler pressure vessel safety surveillance bureau approved cylinder to store liquified SF6 gas



SF6 compressor: 15m3/hr

Pressure: 26bar

Vacuum compressor: 14.4m3/hr, ultimate vacuum<33mbar

Refrigeration compressor capacity: 75cm3

Vacuum pump: 64m3, ultimate vacuum<1mbar

Vacuum gauge: 7 digits LED

Range: 5 x 10-4 – 1.000mbar

Filter/dryer: particulate purifier and dryer

Hoses: 5m gas and liquid service hoses with self-sealed couplings

Can be lifted by a forklift, four polyurethane tires

Swivel casters and fixed casters

Cylinder capacity: 315kg (store liquid)

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Dimension: 1200 x 1820 x 1785mm

Weight: 1100kg



Reclaim, refill and evacuate SF6 gas in the swtichgear


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